General Terms and Conditions of Sale


Renting is from Saturday to Saturday. Housing is available the day of arrival after 3pm and must be vacated the day of departure before 10am. We do not accept different arrival or departure times.


The tenant agrees to occupy the premises quietly, in accordance with the rest of the building. The present agreement is concluded for the maximum capacity of person, which cannot be exceeded. The Landlord may object to additional vacationers. Renting shall not be leased to a third party.

Registration and reservation

Any registration must be done with an amount paid as a down payment of 30% in accordance with the price of renting. Any inscription is made by sending two copies of the present agreement validly signed by the tenant. Once we receive the two signed copies with the down payment, the reservation is valid. The landlord addresses to the tenant a signed copy of accommodation contract. No transfer of money is made without the express approval of the tenant. All reservations are open to a sale depending on availability; reservations end in a conclusive agreement only after the landlord sends a signed copy of the accommodation contract. If you cancel your reservation, we apply the following clause. The totality of the renting price and the additional possible services are due the first day of your stay in the apartment building Punta-Serena or in any last-minute reservation.

General conditions

Furniture and furnishing objects shall not endure depreciation coming from a normal usage. According the termination of this present contract, any furniture and furnishing objects missing, out-of-service or damage for another reason than normal usage, shall be payed or replaced by the tenant with approval of the landlord. This clause also includes wallpapers, painted walls, wall covering or hanging, home textiles etc.

The tenant is bound, before the departure inventory, to put furniture and furnishing objects back to their original places as it was the day of arrival.

The tenant shall not throw away in the bathroom sink, bathtub, kitchen sink, toilet, etc… any objects which could plug the pipes, otherwise the tenant has the obligation to pay for the resulting costs (including the reactivation of equipment or devices). It must be noted that, due to certain difficulties linked to seasons to obtain a staff intervention or the one of a specialised company, the landlord does not accept any liability with regard to any eventual delay to achievement of necessary works. Under the penalty of cancellation, the tenant cannot, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, sublease or transfer its rights of this present contract without the landlord’s express consent. The leased facility, shall not, under any circumstances, be occupied by a superior number of people as presented on the flat descriptive form in accordance with the landlord. The tenant must not introduce any domestic animal (dog, cat, etc…) without the landlord’s authorisation. The tenant must, in the first twenty-four hours of his renting, inform the landlord of any contested anomaly or irregularity.


The tenant is committed to take possession of the accommodation on the day of availability indicated on the contract and to pay the same day the remaining amount of the renting, whatever may happen (illness, accident or unexpected event). If these conditions could not be reached, the landlord has the right to immediately re-let the premises being the subject of the present contract. However, the tenant must proceed to the full payment of the rent. If the premises could be re-let, only the damage caused to the landlord would be due to the failing tenant. At all events, the down payment for the renting, would be used as a minimum compensation to the landlord. All our prices are free of bank transaction costs which are due to the tenant.


The landlord is not responsible for any case of theft inside the flats. The tenant would be obtaining compensation by his insurance provider under his home insurance with the clause « holiday ». Lastly, the tenant benefits from giving up his plea in case of fire from the landlord.

Rules of procedure

For the well-being of the building’s occupants, rules of procedure are displayed in each flat. Any tenant must acknowledge and apply the rules of procedures. Some precautions may avoid potential inconveniences: closing the patio doors before leaving the flats or locking the doors. If tenant, when leaving the premises on the due date, forgets some belongings, the landlord will not engage his liability.


Our on-site team is at your disposal during your stay to satisfy your needs, solve potential malfunctions identified. The on-site team will also make sure you fully benefit from your stay. The tenant can be in touch with the team for any requests.


Leasing is not applicable to the hotel liability. Consequently, the LANDLORD shall not be held liable in anyway whatsoever: loss, theft, deterioration of personal items in his premises, including flats, common areas, or parking lot. The prescription for the sum of money due to the LANDLORD is not applicable to the hotel prescription (Article 32271 of the Civil Code). If, as an exception to Article 2244 of the Civil Code, the landlord sends a registered letter to any debtors, it will interrupt the applicable prescription in such matters.


For the execution of this document, the undersigned Parties elect domicile in the building, both Parties agree in case of dispute, that the court of law will be settled in the circumscription where the premises are leased.